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Mark Richards Talks To Marie Osmond About CMN [AUDIO]
I am a BIG Marie Osmond fan and you can tell by the sound of my voice that I was thrilled to speak with her about the importance of calling in during the radiothon to help Childrens Miracle Hospitals, a charity the we both feel strongly about.
Along with actor John Schneider, Osmond co-founded the no…
The Search For The Utica Boilermaker Burger Is On
The search for a new burger recipe in Utica is on and Dylan & I are proud to be a part of it. It will be called the 'Boilermaker Burger' and it will soon be on the menus of Babe's and Carmella's Cafe. You can actually help determine the ingredients. Go to and click the favo…
Mark’s Work Escape Weekend
So what did you do this weekend? I'll tell ya, the highlight of  my work escape weekend was mowing the lawn and washing/waxing the cars.
You may have heard my son Mark turned 17 on Saturday and he took great pleasure in washing and waxing his new car...well a 2000 Plymouth, but it's ne…
Mark Richards On Spring Break
Miss me? I miss you, and I miss the arrival of Spring. I'm waiting for nicer weather so I can get the rest on my projects done around the house.
So far I've got the blinds up, the screens up, the hot tub clean and Dylan & I visited Chuck Cheese!
He's a good shot at basket ball!
But the most time co…