College Sweethearts Marry After 60 Years Apart
Peggy Marie Pence Schuster and Henry O. Freund first felt a spark between them back in 1950 when the pair attended Southwestern of Memphis (now Rhodes College).
They exercised their young love by sitting next to each other in class and attending school events together. But like many college sweethear…
President Obama Affirms Support For Gay Marriage [POLLS]
Gay marriage is one of our country's hot button issues at the moment, and in the spotlight again after this week's vote by the citizens of North Carolina.  We now know exactly where the president stands on the issue.  How about you?  Take our surveys and let us know.
10 Sentences You Don’t Want to Hear at Your Wedding
Wedding season is just around the corner and someone you know is probably gearing up for the biggest day of his or her life.
Of course, no day can go as perfect as you pictured it in your head. These are the statements that can bring your special day to a grinding halt.
New Research May Show How Long Your Marriage Will Last
If you’ve recently tied the knot for the first time, here’s a bit of a buzzkill: according to new research about first marriages from the CDC, you only have about a 50 percent chance of staying married long enough to celebrate your 20th wedding anniversary.
Is Adele Getting Married?
Adele was seen with a rock on her finger at the BRITS last week with her BF Simon Konecki, but she grabbed more headlines at the time for flipping the bird when her speech was cut off.
Now, attention is returning to the 10.57 carat De Beers ring that adorned the fourth finger on her left hand. That p…

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