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Lady Gaga Buys 55 Michael Jackson Items at Auction
Lady Gaga, arguably the new Queen of Pop (sorry Madonna!), dropped tons of cash on 55 items that were once owned by the late Michael Jackson, aka the King of Pop. But don't expect Gaga to incorporate any of the newly acquired pieces into her Born This Way Ball costumes or stage production. That woul…
Lip-syncing, Ethics Issue Or Necessity? [VIDEO]
“Girl you know it's… girl you know it's… girl you know it's… girl you know it's…” Those words (when followed by ‘true’) spelled a Grammy and a handful of AMA’s for Milli Vanilli as they skyrocketed to the top, but no sooner did they hit their apex than those very words spelled their demise when they…
Michael Jackson’s Family Claims Will Is Fake
Michael Jackson‘s family is making the blockbuster claim that the late King of Pop’s will was faked by John Branca and John McClain, the executors of his estate. The family is asking the men to resign from their posts immediately.

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