Keeping Your Pets Fat Are Costing You More Money
In today’s world it is all about eating healthy, and exercise. If you're overweight, it seems you're public enemy number one. Now if you don’t like being picked on alone, you wont be much longer. People are now also calling out your fat pet.
Single Men Pay More For Car Insurance
Life is never fair, and that can always be an excuse when it comes to love. Whether it's fair or not, marital status really does affect the price you pay for auto insurance. It’s gonna cost more for single guys.
Most Men Are Earning Less Than They Did 40 Years Ago
It's a sad day to be a man, listen to this: Economists recently ran the numbers and found that the median salary for guys is lower today than it was almost 40 years ago. When adjusted for inflation, men earned just over $49,000 per year. These days, they're earning about $1,500 less.

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