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Morning Mindbenders For The Week Of 6/6
Here are the questions and answers for this week's Morning Show Mindbenders.
Monday 6/6:
Survey says...90% of Americans say they are concerned about this new technology going into use.  It's expected to be available to most of us within the next few years...
Morning Mindbenders for the Week of April 25th
Here are the Morning Mindbender questions and answers for this week.
Monday 4/25:
Chances'll pass by several hundred of these today.  The average one is 25 years old.     A:  Telephone poles
Tuesday 4/26:
Survey says...
Morning Mindbenders for Week of April 11th
Here they are, the answers to this week's morning mindbenders:
Monday 4/11: 
3-out-of-4 Facebook users have blocked a friend because of this.  A: Game requests
Tuesday 4/12:
The average American adult now does this once every 2 years...