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Watch This Reporter Get ‘Plowed’ During a Broadcast [VIDEO]
Here we are in the first week of March and temperatures are still below zero and the roads are still snow covered in Central NY.  Much of New Jersey and Pennsylvania are also snow covered and while Fox News reporter Steve Keeley was reporting on road conditions, he almost gets killed by a salt …
Heroic Reporter Rescues Stranded Driver
Steve Ryan, a reporter for KTVK, was working on a story about flash floods that hit the Phoenix area on Wednesday when he rushed to the aid of a stranded motorist -- while the cameras rolled. Is he a reporter or Superman?
Terrible Reporter Breaks Volunteers’ Hearts Live On Air
Well, here is a good example of a terrible person, if you were looking for one. Investigators in a case involving a missing four-year-old decided they were probably actually investigating a murder case. News reporter Kay Burley felt the strange compulsion to tell volunteers who were searching for th…
Terrible Reporter Makes Baby Cry
"Way to go, Dan. Way to make a baby boy cry on live television." Yeah, good job Dan. We especially like how once the baby starts to cry his impulse is to run awaaaaaayy, and then later to cheer the crying kid up with a bit of song and dance.

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