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Care Bears – Nostalgia Cartoon
The Care Bears were an important part of our childhood, they really were a big impact on many kids. "I Wanna Be a Care Bear" was a popular phrase echoed by kids from 1985 to 1988 when this nostalgic cartoon ran. Actually, The Care Bears were characters created by American Greetings…
Thundercats – Nostalgia Cartoon
I thought the show was extremely cool, many others would agree with me because they also thought it was awesome, mostly boys who liked girls and girls who like a strong role model. Like any other action cartoon from the '80s, the theme song rocked!
Muppet Babies – Nostalgia Cartoon
Yesterday we focused on 'The Muppets', Today, The 'Muppet Babies'. After all these years I think back to the show and I'm still surprised that the creators of The Muppet babies managed to get permission to show clips from different movies and TV shows, even "Star Wa…
The Muppets – Nostalgia Show
Here is the debut creation from Jim Henson. The Muppets, a group of puppet characters created by Jim Henson started back in 1954. Do you remember "Mahna Mahna" sung on the Ed Sullivan Show?
Fraggle Rock – Nostalgia Show
Here is another creation from Jim Henson. Does the song sound familiar? Does it sound like...the original "Fraggle Rock" theme song? Yes, in fact, it IS the original theme song! Sure, the muppet version topped this one, but at least they kept the same theme song.
Spiral Zone – Nostalgia Cartoon
Here is another short-lived cartoon, but this is the type of show that I think G.I. Joe fans will really enjoy. One thing I remember about this show was that it look place in the future year of 2007. Well, we're now in 2012, but have we heard anything about the Spiral Zone since? Anyway, the ca…
Pole Position – Nostalgia Cartoon
Pole Position was based off of a video game from Namco. The show had an upbeat theme song, you know, one of those songs that really gets the blood pumping. I guess it was the show's lack of popularity that lead it to a quick cancellation. Pole Position was only on in 1984.
Silverhawks – Nostalgia Cartoon
If you like the Thundercats currently running on Cartoon Network, then you loved Silverhawks. With an awesome theme song, and a team of heroes out in another galaxy wearing silver costumes, well, you can't really get any more rad than that. Unfortunately, the Silverhawks only had short run in 1…
The Raccoons – Nostalgia Cartoon
The Raccoons revolved around a married couple named Bert and Melissa, and their friend Ralph. They were mostly involved with fighting against the industrialist forces of greedy aardvark millionaire Cyril Sneer, who usually tries to destroy the forest for a quick buck. However, the Raccoons would alw…

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