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Occupy Movement Hits Utica City Schools
Asking 'Where Does Our Money Go,' and 'I feel like a Child Left Behind' a group of Utica students are using this day off of school to put a civics class lesson into practice by 'occupying' the Utica City School offices on Memorial Parkway.
Occupy Buffalo Protesters Capture Car Crash [VIDEO]
The Occupy movement has set up camp at Niagara Square in downtown Buffalo.  Over the weekend the Western New York Occupiers captured this video of a car accident.  The occupants of the two cars get into a yelling match then the chase is on as one of the vehicles tries to flee the…
“Occupy Utica” Protest Starts In Liberty Bell Park
Last night more than 75 citizens of Utica came out to Liberty Bell Park in downtown to protest Wall Street, and be part of the “Occupy Utica” movement. Protesters came out in support of those on Wallstreet believing that the same issues apply to the people here in Utica. People all over the country …