9 Moving Soldier Homecomings for Memorial Day
The servicemen and women of our country make huge sacrifices to fight battles on our behalf and keep the freedoms we hold dear. One of those sacrifices is being away from their families and loved ones for long periods of time.
Ft Drum Soldier Ordered Back to Wife’s Hospital Bedside
After one day at Ft Drum, SGT Brandon Hinman has been ordered back to his wife Jenna's bedside. He's been with his family since Jenna gave birth prematurely, to their twin daughters and began her fight from a rare pregnancy related cancer. The military extended Brandon's leave so he&a…
Cat Reacts to Seeing Owner After Six Months
This pretty much sums up the love/hate relationship all cat owners have with their pets. Specifically, we love them, and they hate us. This is the typical cat's reaction to its owner going on leave for six months. We think it's probably pretty accurate...

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