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The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line Is Now Open
The professionally trained turkey experts that make up the Turkey Talk-Line answer turkey related questions each holiday season. Open every November and December, experts answer more than 100,000 questions, for thousands of households.
Making Cornbread Stuffing For Thanksgiving [VIDEO]
As a kid, I remember my mother making homemade stuffing (or dressing as she called it) for the Thanksgiving turkey. And, it half of it had to be stuffed inside the turkey. She had a great sausage recipe, but how about trying something different...cornbread stuffing.
How To Make Deep-Fried Turkey In Less Than 20 Steps
It's no secret Americans love fried food. If you could fry my arm I'd probably take a nibble. For several years, people in the south have enjoyed deep-fried turkeys for many special occasions, including Thanksgiving. Deep-fried turkey is very juicy, and the taste is amazing. Would you like to know h…
Want To Stop The Normal Family Fight This Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving can be a great holiday, and take its toll on others. Who doesn’t love spending time together right? Well sometimes that time spent together can cause all sorts of fights. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal think they've found a way to stop your family from…