Etch A Sketch Inventor Dies at Age 86
Andre Cassagnes, the man responsible for inventing the venerable Etch A Sketch, a toy that inspired countless children ever since it was introduced in 1960, has died at age 86 in France.
10 Weird Fad Toys Every Kid Had to Have for Christmas
You can always spot a parent around the holiday season. Their hair is a frazzled mesh of cow licks and stray strands as if it’s been pulled by a crowd of frantic people. Their eyes dart around in all directions desperately seeking something that could suddenly appear at a moment&Clos…
Trick Or Treat With Your McDonalds Halloween Pails
For kids Halloween is all about the candy. When you get older it seems Halloween gets lost and turns into a dirty holiday where people dress up trashy, and its centered around booze. It doesn't always have to be that way. We want you to remember the good days. Do you remember the McDonalds Hall…

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