Kanye West’s Skirt Joins Twitter
The 12-12-12 Concert for Hurricane Sandy relief brought together amazing musicians and has raised well over $30 million dollars even before the concert.  But the night may well be most remembered for an unusual clothing choice by rapper Kanye West.
Are Most of Lady Gaga’s 29 Million Twitter Followers Fake?
Lady Gaga is the unquestionable queen of Twitter, with a whopping 29 million followers, which is more than anyone else who uses the social media messaging service. Perhaps she was wise to start her site and foster an intimate and authentic community, since new reports have emerged…
Who Is the Most Followed Teen Star on Twitter?
Who is the top teen star on Twitter? It’s Justin Bieber, by a landslide. Like it’s not even close. The Biebs, 18, has a whopping 27 million followers, making him one of the most followed people in the world and easily the most followed teen and teen heartthrob. Of course he is nipping at Lady Gaga‘s…

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