Did You Get This Text From Verizon?
Did you get that random text message from Verizon? It's time to go through your contacts on your phone and make sure you have area codes, even with local phone numbers.
Verizon Will Stop Delivering Phone Books In Central New York
When is the last time you opened a phone book too look up a number? Chances are this was replaced with the phrase "Google it." In recent years, phone book usage has dropped down to near zero. With that news, Verizon has announced they will no longer be delivering phone books in Cen…
Verizon Wireless Announces New ‘Convenience Fee’
If you listen closely, you’ll hear the collective screams of a lot of Verizon Wireless customers — the company has announced that starting next month, it will impose a $2 fee on anyone who pays a monthly bill using a credit or debit card online or by phone.