The Top 5 Things People Hate About Halloween [VIDEO]
Halloween is almost here! Some folks are super excited and others are absolutely dreading it. It is a great holiday for free candy, parties, and scary movies, but it can also lead to headaches and anger! This video shows the Top 5 Reasons why people HATE Halloween.
Answer To Mary’s Father Riddle
Have you heard the riddle "Mary's father has 4 children; three of them are named..."? Each time the names of the children are a little different, but the answer is always the same. What is the 4th child's name?
Every Woman Should Watch The ‘Woman in the Mirror’ Video
In today's society there are many people who struggle with self-esteem. The portrayals of what people "should" look like in the media play a big role in this. One woman from the UK decided to make a video in order to help those women out there who may not be happy with their a…

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