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Ducks Dodge Traffic on Busy Toronto Highway [VIDEO]
First things first, they all make it across.  It may be the most harrowing 1:17 of video you'll watch today - a family of ducks, a mother and her ducklings, attempting to cross more than four lanes of traffic somewhere in Toronto.
Man Keeps A Straight Face On Roller Coaster Ride [VIDEO]
Lite 98.7 is your summer fun station and nothing says summer fun like a roller coaster ride. We stumbled upon a video of a guy who isn't going to let a series of scary and very intense twists and turns get in the way of his attempt to keep a straight face while riding the 'Six Flags' …
A Bear Rescue Mission Caught On Camera [VIDEO]
Just as I was gathering information on pets for our next 'Adopt-a Pet Wednesday' feature, and feeling good about myself for helping animals, I stumbled across this video that shows there are still some nice, kindhearted, caring people in the world.

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