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Dad Finds Perfect Way to Stop Kids From Checking Their Phones
If you're like the rest of the breathing population, then you are probably a slave to your smartphone.
In this clever short film called Pass the Salt, one dad decides to turn the tables on his kids, who are way too involved in their phones to pay him any mind while they share what should be a ni…
Woman Pees Pants Over Baby News [VIDEO]
A woman finds a bun baking in her oven. Why is there a bun in the over? It takes awhile to sink in, but once she figures out it's her daughter's way of saying 'she's pregnant' she pees her pants in excitement.
How To Stop a Crying Baby, Play Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
While Taylor Swift may make some cry, she has the opposite affect on this baby. The little one is NOT happy, screaming in her car seat. That is until a Swift song comes on. The baby stops crying. When Taylor stops singing, the baby starts crying.

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