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Magic Door Leaves People Speechless [VIDEO]
The master of the 'Drive-Thru' pranks, Magic of Rahat is at it again. This time he sets up a door in front of a park bench. When he walks through, he disappears. The reactions are priceless. Most are left speechless and some even get up and walk away.
Year Long Proposal Will Bring You To Tears [VIDEO]
Take note gentlemen. THIS is how you tell a woman you love her and want to spend the rest of your life with her. A man spent a year proposing to his girlfriend. He recorded his message on a write board every day until her birthday, when he got down on one knee, on a beach to officially pop the quest…
Skydiving Instructor Saves Skydiver Having Seizure
Ever wanted to try skydiving? It looks like a lot of fun, but of course it has it's dangers. One danger I bet wasn't in your first few thoughts was seizures. One skydiving instructor saved a fellow skydiver who was having a seizure while free falling. Here's the video to prove it.

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