Do Companies Actually Design Stuff… To Break?
Ever notice that your car starts really breaking down a year or two before your lease is fulfilled, or how about the fact that your cellphone always seems to go haywire JUST after your warrantee is up and long before your contract runs out? I doubt it's just complete accident and one possible …
Lip-syncing, Ethics Issue Or Necessity? [VIDEO]
“Girl you know it's… girl you know it's… girl you know it's… girl you know it's…” Those words (when followed by ‘true’) spelled a Grammy and a handful of AMA’s for Milli Vanilli as they skyrocketed to the top, but no sooner did they hit their apex than those very words spelled their demise when they…
Debate: The U.S. Penny… Obsolete?
Many of us when breaking a dollar end up discarding our spare change into a jar at home and forgetting about it, or generously plunking it into the many charity drop-boxes including that iconic red Salvation Army kettle.  But out of all of the coins that have been circulating for centuries, is …
The Lane You’re In Is Always The Slowest!
Can you relate? It never fails and usually seems to happen right when you're in a huge hurry and everything is riding on your ability to be timely.  Is Murphy's Law ringing true again or is there something more to the lane debacle?

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