Live Lip-Dub Proposal Gets Hilarious Divorce Parody
Remember that elaborate but oh-so-cute live lip-dub marriage proposal from two weeks ago? The heartwarming and tear-inducing sweetness was too much to bear from some, which is why The Second City Network have come up with a parody already. And it doesn’t bode well for the guy this ti…
Skydiver Becomes the First to Land Without Parachute
BASE jumper Gary Connery of England has become the first man to skydive and land safely (this was required to claim the record) without deploying a parachute. How did he manage to pull that off? Well, the professional stuntman glided himself into a pile of cardboard boxes. 18,600 of them.
Best Father and Daughter Dance Ever
In this video, a slow father-daughter dance at a bat mitzvah turns into a lengthy choreographed extravaganza. This isn’t the first dance medley at a formal function we’ve seen, of course, but it may very well be the most awesomely awkward.
Harvard Baseball Team Call Me Maybe Cover [VIDEO]
There is no denying the catchiness of Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe.'  The pop song has infiltrated the minds of the Harvard baseball team. So funny to see a bunch of strapping men lip syncing to a girl's song and dancing in unison.The things guys do to pass the time.&nb…

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