Utica Bath Salt Teen Zombie Wanted to Drink Blood and Eat Babies
Just when you thought this summer's bath salt zombie craze had settled down to naked ramblings down the street, a Utica teen is back with classic zombie-like desires to drink blood and consume flesh.  Read on for the latest bath salt incident as reported by the Utica Police Department.
The Top 5 Stories on Lite 98.7 in 2012 – So Far
We're half way through 2012 (we know, where has this year gone!). If, as the Mayans say, it's the end of the line - it's been a crazy last year, and likely to only get nuttier. Below are the 5 most viewed articles on Lite 98.7 through the ...
Is the Zombie Apocalypse Coming to Maine? Residents Sure Think So
Apparently not everyone is convinced that zombies don’t exist, even after the government so graciously cleared up this matter for us. The residents of Bangor, Maine — eight counties worth of people, actually — are among these non believers. In fact, this past Thursday they all participated in an eme…

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