13 Signs the Zombie Apocalypse Is Here
Mindless zombies may be walking among us. That’s not the wish of a feverish geek who prays for the day when ‘Left 4 Dead 2’ becomes a reality — terrifying flesh-eaters may have finally arrived.
It’s actually much more of a literal statement than you might think. Some guy in Florida was caught by poli…
Is the Zombie Apocalypse For Real?
Whether it's being done sarcastically or not, the word 'zombie' is being used a lot lately in reference to two odd incidents in Miami and New Jersey.  So, bottom line, is there anything to the whole zombie thing?
Zombie Apocalypse Spreads to New Jersey
Over the weekend, we got our first news of a 'Zombie Apocalypse' after a man attacked another, chewed his face and wouldn't stand down after being fired on by police.  That incident happened in Miami.  Now comes more startling news from New Jersey.
Ten Frighteningly Cool Halloween Gadgets
Remember the good old days when Halloween meant trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples? Well, technology has made All Hallow's Eve a whole lot scarier. From advanced video displays to motion-sensing devices, these Halloween-themed gadgets will turn your home into a truly terrifying house of h…