The nice, warm, and pleasant Fall weather is quickly slipping away. Before it gets too cold and unbearable, you should do all you can to get out and see all the natural beauty that Central New York has to offer, including The Chittenango Falls State Park. The view of these falls is absolutely breathtaking.

This scenic gem is located on Rathbun Rd. in Cazenovia. You can get there easily from Utica, Syracuse, or anywhere. It's definitely worth the drive! Not only is the view spectacular, but it's the perfect place to visit all year round. If you can handle the cold of the snow, the falls freeze over leaving a portrait like picture of ice. In the Summer, there are plenty of places to have a picnic and enjoy the sounds of the water hitting the rocks. If you love taking pictures, then this is also an amazing trip to take.

Here Are Some of the Photos I Took...I'm No Expert

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