Happy Halloween!  Ready to hand out candy to the little ghosts and goblins ringing your doorbell?  Me too.  What are the best and worst Halloween candy and treats for your teeth?  Dentists everywhere will appreciate this. 

Candy bars, candy corn, Twizzlers, gum and so many other types of treats will be handed out and eaten tonight by kids and parents.  Yes, I said parents.  80% admit to raiding their kid's Halloween candy stash.  Northeast Delta Dental rated the best and worst Halloween treats on a scale of one to five, with five being the worst for your teeth.

1.  Gum with xylitol and sugar-free candy:

Sugar-free candy is free from the sugar that can produce decay causing acids.  Candy and gum that contain xylitol help to increase saliva production and  rinse away acid and sugar.

2.  Powdery Candy

Although this candy is loaded with sugar, the good news is it dissolves fast and doesn't stick to your teeth

3.  Chocolate:

This is by far the most popular Halloween treat and since it can be eaten fast and dissolves quickly, that cuts down the amount of time sugar comes in to contact with your teeth.


4.  Hard Candy:

Those lollipops and mints aren't eaten quickly, which is the reason they're rated one of the worst for your teeth.  Plus, biting in to hard candy can chip a tooth or even break one.

5.  Chewy Candy:

Sorry gummy bears and chewy caramels.  You're no good.  Not only are they high in sugar but they stick to your teeth and are harder for saliva to break down, which gives bacteria more time to get that cavity causing bacteria going.

Do you care if certain kinds of candy are worse for your teeth than others or are going to eat whatever kind you and your kids want?