Let me start with the fact that I agree with Louis CK's position in this clip. This woman is not 'fat.' To me a 'fat person' needs a scooter to get around, and she's getting around just fine. Yet Sarah Baker's character in this clip makes it very clear to Louis and the audience that medium size and larger size women have strong feelings about their bodies. Watch this clip and you'll agree that she does it with passionate honesty.

WARNING: Strong Language. This clip is of an adult conversation that clearly 'Louie' agrees with, or it wouldn't be on his show.

He does take the criticism gracefully, but I was waiting and waiting for him to exclaim..."you're really not fat!"

Help me out ladies. Do woman who have a body style other than skinny supermodel really think they are...fat? I don't believe so. Perhaps, I'm not being honest with myself.