In Central New York, we are no strangers to snow whether it's lake-effect or a Nor'easter it's never a question of will we get it but how much and when. As the first snow hit this weekend it's now all about remembering the routine.

The First Snow

Phil Nye/TSM


Into the cold I must go
Why it chose today I do not know

Earlier today than those before
For the shoveling I do abhor
Just to move from my door






Phil Nye/TSM


To the car I brush, chisel and whack
Before I end up upon my back

From here it all looks so nice
Were it not for the ice







Phil Nye/TSM


I have warmed the car
So that I may travel far
Only to find the roads subpar

Where the plows do go
I do not know
For it is the first snow...





Contributed by [PW Creighton...]