Following local folklore can often lead to long forgotten stories and sometimes those stories are more surprising than the legends. On a small back road in the town of Steuben lies a little church on 'Deadman's Hill.'

Constructed in 1838, French Road Church is just one of many small churches in the area that was used by the Welsh and fell to disuse in the 1980's. After a long period of abandonment, it was purchased by the Remsen-Steuben Historical Society who now maintains the property.

Residents around the church report stories of strange noises from the locked church as well as witnessing shadow figures moving across the property. Most notably, the church sits atop what is locally known as 'Deadman's Hill' where legend reports a woodsman lost his life.


After investigating the church it is clear that there is something to the accounts of strange noises from within. Investigators were able to capture a number of visual anomalies and even more importantly, a number of EVPs that were recorded from the church.

Shadow Chasers

During the investigation, the team was able to identify a number of interesting phenomena and even witness a fleeting image on the Thermal imaging camera. Unfortunately, it was too fast for recorder to kick-in so it wasn't captured on the camera.


All of this activity on the property not only lends credibility to witness reports but also reinforces the legend of 'Deadman's Hill.' Could the fleeting shadow figure be the lost woodsman?


French Road Church is a prime example of how a small, unassuming location can actually be a hotbed of paranormal activity and unrecorded history.