Historical Societies and Museums are an essential part of preserving our history but sometimes that history is more than the carefully constructed exhibits.

The historic Paddock Mansion in downtown Watertown was constructed in 1876 for the Paddock family. Edwin L. Paddock a local banker and his wife Olive (Wheeler) Paddock lived in the home until Mrs. Paddock bequeathed the home to the Jefferson County Historical Society in 1922.

Since that time the Jefferson County Historical Society has converted the Paddock Mansion into the Paddock Museum and home for the historical society with exhibits and programs throughout the building. Many of the exhibits featured include artifacts from the Paddock family as well a local history regarding the revolutionary war and more.

Such an wide range of history in the building has led to accounts of the building being haunted.

A ghostly figure of a woman in a green Victorian dress has been seen...

Many working in the Paddock Mansion feel that it is haunted by Olive Paddock and claim to have seen her. A ghostly figure of a woman in a green Victorian dress has been seen in the garden and roaming past the second floor windows. Still others have reported feeling watched while alone on the second floor and catching glimpses of a figure moving past open doorways. Objects have moved on their own, noises, footsteps and phantom voices have been repeatedly experienced.



Whether it is the spirit of Mrs. Paddock overseeing the treatment of her house or some activity associated with the countless artifacts, the Paddock Mansion has become a home to history.


EVP Recorded In Paddock Mansion