Baby names can be inspired by anything.  A favorite TV character, a best friend, a favorite name or a family member.  Still stuck on what name to choose?   For those expecting who want to pick from the most popular girl's names for 2013, this list from Nameberry is for you.

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Reading this will take you a lot less time than thumbing through one of those gigantic baby books of names.   It can be a bit overwhelming picking a name, let alone being offered too many choices.  These are the top girls names for the year, so far.  After all, it's only July.

1.  Imogene

2.  Charlotte

3.  Harper

4.  Eleanor

5.  Violet


6.  Amelia

7.  Seraphina

8.  Isla

9.  Penelope


10.  Katniss

11.  Evelyn

12.  Ava


13.  Maeve

14.  Cora

15.  Olivia

16.  Merida

17.  Alice

18.  Adelaide

19.  Sophia

20.  Elizabeth

21.  Eliza

22.  Aurora

23.  Hazel

24.  Emma

25.  Clementine

Any thoughts on the top 25?  Like them?

two baby girls
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