It's official, in a matter of seconds the Fay Street Warehouse has come down. For the better part of Sunday afternoon the north/south arterial near Genessee Street remained closed while State Department of Transportation and National Grid crews continued to check the surrounding bridges and roads for structural stability. This morning, Monday March 3rd, 2014, we can say that most of the roads in downtown Utica have re-opened.

NYSDOT spokesperson Jim Piccola spoke with WKTV after the implosion Sunday morning and said they hoped to get the north/south arterial opened by Sunday afternoon and it appears to be handling normal traffic flow effortless at this time. There was some minor damage done to the bridge rail but this should have no effect on traffic safety. The bridge was inspected extensively and Jim Piccola says he anticipates no problems.

All that's left now is the post implosion clean up process and more progress for our great city of Utica.