First of all, don't click the video below without first answering a warm-up question: Are people born gay or is their lifestyle a choice? Think about it... Done? Okay, now click the video and watch random people answer a telling follow-up question that could completely blow your mind...



Crazy right? Talk about a set-up! I watched this and sat here trying to put myself in these random people's shoes and figure out how I would've answered or if there's really anything that can be said to a question like that. This question is what I call an argument-ender and the point is clearly to cut through any mental blocks that may be in our minds, effectively evening the playing field. Or is it a cleverly crafted trick question?

Either way, this is a HOT HOT debate and like some of those interviewed, I personally feel that there is a balance and compromise to be found here. No matter your sexual orientation or opinion though, I think this video deserves high marks for creativity and it definitely made me think or rather derailed my normal thought patterns and went straight to my gut. Is the answer to this debate so simple that it's complicated?


An Anonymous Fourth Grader Writes An Essay On Gay Marriage Equality That We Just Can't Argue With

Man, kids just don't pull any punches and they usually have an uncanny way of turning our 'complicated' issues into concise simplicity. This anonymous fourth grader wrote what was on his mind about gay marriage equality for an essay one day and I gotta say it resonated with me like crazy.