NFL legend and quarterback for the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings, Brett Favre, has been out of the league for a few years, but he certainly has been keeping in shape and has been letting the whiskers grow.

A recent photo uploaded by r/GreenBayPackers on Reddit features 44-year-old Brett Favre sporting a beard and flexing his muscles. These pictures were taken at a conference in Orlando and it makes us flabby guys want to get back into the gym.
The Bleecher Report tells us:

Unsurprisingly, the fast-circulating image created quite a stir across social media, especially on Twitter.
While much was made of Favre's pumped-up pectorals and Duck Dynasty-inspired facial hair, the Santa Claus comparisons were by far the easiest to make

Heck, I'm waiting for Brett to start belting out 'Lady' or 'Through the Years.'