I was watching WUTR the other day and saw an interesting story about our local football coaches reaching out to their players regarding the controversies currently plaguing the NFL. We wanted to share the story with you in case you missed it.

Recently the NFL has had to deal with Baltimore Raven Ray Rice allegedly beating his then-fiancee as well as the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to let Adrian Peterson play while he faces an abuse charge for spanking his 4-year-old son with a wooden switch. Thankfully they've reversed that decision.
Then a fake Covergirl NFL advertisement that went viral on social media. The ad depicted a woman with a black eye and that she should just cover it up with make-up. NFL damage control is still in full swing.
This is why I applaud coaches of high school and minor league football players for expressing the importance of setting a good example to society.  Actually, I applaud ALL coaches for doing this.

Julia Rose of WUTR reported:

Blaise Faggiano is the head coach of the Utica College football team. He says he not only teaches his boys how to play the game but also how to be honorable men.

Here is the full story in case you missed it.