Its official, I’ve chopped down two Christmas trees this year. One for my family on black Friday, and the other just yesterday when I helped my girlfriend pick out her Christmas tree. I love real trees over plastic, and I love the smell of pine. We usually decorate it with colored lights, bulbs, and our decorations from when we grew up. But some people out there may judge you on how your tree looks.

Some people prefer white trees, others green. Some prefer colored lights, others white. It’s a battle every year. People judge you on how your tree looks. Isn’t that sad? People will judge you over a Christmas tree.

Here are some things people may think once they see your Christmas tree:

White lights- You ask houseguests to remove their shoes.

Multi-colored lights- You're an extrovert.

Homemade ornaments- You have lots of children.

Strung Popcorn- You have too much time on your hands.

Cutoff top- You didn't measure the tree.

Vague evergreen smell- You bought a healthy tree.

Just plain smelly- There's a dead bird in your tree.