Are you planning on traveling this holiday season? Are you prepared to deal with the massive headache and stress that will accompany you? I’m not going to sugar coat it; travel will suck this time of the year. The time with your family and friends is well worth it.

Here are tips for surviving holiday travel:

Make the most of the airport bar: You’re already stuck at the airport, so relax and enjoy what little shops an airport does have to offer. Have a drink, watch some of the tube, just relax.

Create a new persona for yourself: Give yourself a new name and profession and talk to the passenger next to you. It's fun to pretend sometimes, you’ll never see these people ever again.

Do not check your luggage: Have you seen “Meet The Parents”? Checking luggage always seems like it’s a bad idea.

If you're going to someone's house, bring something: Do not show up empty-handed.

Plan your trip two months in advance: At this point you may be out of luck, but lesson learned. Plan ahead next year!

What’s some of the best travel advice you’ve ever gotten?