Women may not know as much about men as they think they do. Some of what you call “known facts” about men may not be true. It's what we are focusing on in today's relationship advice piece.

Our friends over at Yahoo Shine put together a list of 5 myths women think they know about men, that aren't actually true. Here's the list.

He Won't Respect You If You Sleep With Him On the First Date: Let's be honest: The truth is, men don't equate sex with respect.

Men Love The Chase: Rejection is not appealing to anyone. The truth is men don't like the chase, but they realize they have to chase.

A Man Can't Be Friends With A Woman Without Wanting To Have Sex With Her: To say that men don't ever think about special “time” with female friends may not be entirely a myth, BUT, it is completely possible to have a platonic relationship with a woman without sexual tension suffocating them at every turn.

Guys Prefer Leaving Something To The Imagination: Guys like to see women dolled up and looking sexy, but it always comes down to skin. Men want to see more of a woman.

Guys Are Intimidated By Independent Women: Men want to be seen as good providers, but that's just a societal role. Any self-confident man wants a strong independent woman on his arm.

Do you agree with any of these myth's?