To much surprise to women, men are pretty similar to women. As a man, we desire certain things just like women. One thing, that may not be as clear, is on occasion we do enjoy a compliment. Hey we are human, we all seek approval. Want to know some of the top phrases to tell your man? Well we got ‘em with today’s relationship advice!

According to YourTango, here are some phrases that men love to hear:

  • "You look great." - This is a good compliment to give if he's been going to the gym, and trying to get into better shape.
  • "That woman just checked you out." – It helps build self-confidence, it also shows that you're confident enough to know that he won't be lured away.
  • "You're right."- When he is right, it's nice to tell him, especially if you were arguing. It's never easy to admit defeat, but it will make him feel good and show that you're reasonable.
  • "Will you help me unscrew this?"- Helping women with simple tasks makes them feel macho and noble.

What are some compliments you give that special man in your life?