Looking for life saving Thanksgiving and Christmas cooking hacks? Try some of these gems:

You can find a full list from our friends at BuzzFeed, here's a couple we enjoyed:


1) How To Make Your Mashed Potatoes Even Better

Every one wants to make fluffy mashed potatoes right? Well next time add a dash of baking powder to make them extra fluffy.


2) How To Cut Out Biscuits Fast And Easy

Cutting out biscuits can be such a huge pain, now it's even easier and fun too. Use a wine glass to do all the cutting.

Make sure to dip the glass in flour after every few to keep the dough from sticking, and push straight down without twisting to make sure the biscuits can rise."

No one said you couldn't add a little wine to the cup too!


3) How To Make Killer Gravy

Want to make your gravy truly pop this year? Add something you probably would never think of, Soy Sauce. Buzzfeed recommends that you try adding a spoonful of regular soy sauce, Liquid Aminos, or Maggi seasoning. This will bring a lot of flavor.


4) How To Peel Potatoes Very Fast

Who has time to sit around and take off all that skin? No one! This by far has been the most helpful life hack:

If you boil potatoes whole, you don’t need to peel them.Just shock them in ice water when they’re done and then slip the skin off with your hands."

How fast can you peel them this year?
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