Some people are born believing they're just better than others. Despite being unlikable and unpleasant, these people tend to go far in life. There are many ways to fake it until you make it. Get ready to pop that collar and act like a total jerk! According to, here are some ways to look pretentious:

  • Buy Classic Literature

    Make sure to always have a copy of a big classic books on hand whenever other people are near you.

  • No Social Media

    No Facebook, No Twitter, No Foursquare, No GetGlue, these things are for the commoners. Scoff at anyone who brings them up in conversation. Check out this video though, it may be hard to banish Facebook.

  • Only Eat Organic

    Only regular people eat regular fruit, why not be special and eat organic? Drink some delicious Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Juice…