For kids Halloween is all about the candy. When you get older it seems Halloween gets lost and turns into a dirty holiday where people dress up trashy, and its centered around booze. It doesn't always have to be that way. We want you to remember the good days. Do you remember the McDonalds Halloween Pails?

While on Facebook this morning my friends Gabe and Harper from Z95.5 in Ithaca posted a picture of Halloween Pails. Instantly this picture took me back to a better day, childhood.

During the Halloween of 1986, McDonald’s introduced something new in their restaurants. They temporarily abandoned the cardboard Happy Meal box in favor of a themed bucket. A candy pail for collecting Halloween treats, complete with lid and handle. The original three designs came in bright orange each adorning a unique expression. McGoblin with the evil grin, McBoo with the frightened face, and McPunk’n with the traditional Jack O' Lantern face.”

Over the years changes were made and additions to the line have happened. Even to this day they still make them with the 2012 model a Scooby Doo version.

Did you own any of these?


Or these?


[via tomkrohne]