Do you keep valuables in your car?  In plain sight?  Why would anybody to that?


This picture I snapped is not staged.  I actually saw this in the mall parking lot as I got out of my car and took a picture because I couldn't believe someone would leave their wallet and money out in plain sight.  If I can see it, so can anyone else parking next to that car or walking by.  While you can only see three dollars, who knows if they have a lot more money in the wallet you see in this picture.  This isn't the first time I've seen something like this.  I've seen purses left on the front seat of a car, with most of the purse contents visible.  What an invitation for theft.

Having your identity stolen is a nightmare, as is having credit cards stolen or a license.  Think of all the things you carry in your wallet or purse.  If you lost them right now, how much time and effort would it take to replace them?  If they're stolen, it's a safe bet the thief will spend all your cash, max out your credit cards and have a free for all with whatever else you're carrying.

Do valuables get lost or stolen?  Unfortunately they do.  However, if you can lessen the chances of it happening, then why not do it?  Don't keep your purse, wallet, money or other valuables in your car, especially in plain sight.  It's an invitation for trouble if you do.