Remember earlier this summer when I told you I'd already spotted Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations for sale in stores like Hobby Lobby?  Little did I know that some people have actually started their Christmas shopping.   Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

No, no, no,  I haven't even thought about starting my Christmas shopping yet.  With the sunshine and nice temps we've been having this week, I'm simply enjoying summer at its best.    Before you laugh and think I've lost my mind for asking about Christmas shopping, since Christmas is over 4 months away, there's a good reason for my question.

  Some shoppers have gotten an early start on their holiday gift lists.   Check out these stats on early Christmas shopping:

-In a recent survey, 33% of American adult shoppers have begun their Christmas shopping

-There are some extremely organized shoppers who've already finished their shopping but it's only less than 1%. 

-49% of these early Christmas shoppers have bought items in a store while 13% have Christmas shopped online.

Tell me, how soon is too soon  to be Christmas shopping?  Or buying Christmas decorations?  I'll think about both probably after Halloween!

Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images