The residents of a small Louisiana town where some scenes of the popular vampire HBO TV series True Blood were filmed, were evacuated last week after the state police uncovered a 3,000 ton (6 million pound) stash of explosives. Maybe if you blow up vampires into a zillion pieces they can't regenerate?


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It took a fleet of 27 tractor trailers just to move nearly 1 million pounds of the improperly stored explosives from the plant, so just another 135 more and they'll be all set!! The authorities were alerted to the presence of the explosives after an explosion in October but didn't learn that there was so much until last week. Something as simple as a spark could set the whole thing off, hence the town's evacuation.

Col. Mike Edmondson, commander of Louisiana State Police, said the material is stable and would need an ignition source to explode. The precautions were taken because officials fear that any spark could set off a huge explosion of the material, which they said was stored improperly in a relatively small area.

Flickr / Official U.S. Naval Imagery

That means if there's lightning spotted within 5 miles of the town they can't even move it for fear of a strike which would cause the small town of Doyline to become a brief bright spot on the earth that could be seen from space. For now this town is only visible in the news but we'll see what happens next... Hopefully they'll only remain famous on paper and not become a part of disaster history.