Looking to stay in an underwater hotel? Poseidon's Palace is promising to bring that experience to Lake George. Or are they?

According to Lake George, Poseidon's Palace will consist of 35 suites and will offer all the amenities of rooms on land, while allowing those who are staying to experience Lake George from beneath the surface.

Poseidon's Palace will be located approximately one mile north of Lake George Village on the east side of the lake near the site of the Sunken Fleet of 1758. As part of their stay, each guest will have the opportunity to go on a guided exploration of the seven bateaux that were sunk there during the French and Indian War.

Currently the hotel is in the final stages of planning. We will update you with more information as it becomes available.

Only problem, the hotel is NOT in any sort of planning stage. The whole thing is a viral April Fool's Day prank that yours truly even fell for.



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