The US Postal Service will issue a new stamp in 2013 that honors the centennial anniversary of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

The midtown Manhattan transpiration hub opened in February of 1913.  This year, an artistic rendering of the main concourse will grace an Express Mail rate stamp. describes the stamp design:

The stamp art captures the grandeur of this architectural masterpiece with an illustration of the main concourse. Early morning sunlight streams through the 60-foot-tall windows, illuminating the people below. In the foreground, travelers gather near the station’s round information booth topped with its four-sided clock. The edges of the terminal’s famous sky ceiling can be seen at the top of the stamp art, its background of robin’s egg blue decorated with a mural of constellations and figures of the Zodiac.

The graphic illustration was created by artist Dan Cosgrove, working with art director Phil Jordan.

The stamp will retail for $19.95 and the release date has not yet been set.