After months of speculation, today it became official. Professional hockey returns to Utica as the Comets will call the Utica Garden (nee AUD) home beginning in the fall of 2013. Sometimes when a new franchise comes to town, the organizers will hold a "Name the Team" contest. That didn't happen, so we decided to come up with some alternative names that the Utica Comets could have used.


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    Utica Riggies

    The logo could have been a giant rigatoni as a hockey stick hitting a chunk of chicken puck.

    Inspired by @ProfessorSher

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    Utica IceMobsters

    h/t to Lite 98.7 alumni Peter Naughton for recalling Utica's alleged mafioso past for this idea.

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    Utica ValleyWhackers

    Actually I really like the idea of an organized crime inspired team -so here's my name suggestion.

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    Utica Canalmen

    The reason Utica's getting a team in the first place? The Vancouver Canucks decided not to renew thier AHL deal with the Peoria Rivermen.While the Rivermen are still playing (in a different league) Utica could have used the concept. The Rivermen name is based on Peoria's location on the Illinois River, so we could be the Canalmen due to our history on the Erie Canal.

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    Utica SlapShots

    It's a point of local pride that the 1977 movie Slap Shot was filmed partially at the Utica AUD. The team could have channeled some of that movie magic into the new club.

    Slap Shot