Want a sure sign of spring in Central New York? Look no further than the Parkway in Utica as the annual Spring Fair is ready to get underway for 2014.

This year's Spring Fair will run from Wednesday April 30 to Sunday May 4 on the grounds of the Parkway Senior Center located at the Parkway Rec Center at Elm Street and Memorial Parkway in Utica. Here's the lowdown from Utica mayor Rob Palmieri:

City of Utica Youth Common Council to Sponsor Utica Spring Fair
The Council President Delvin J. Moody and City of Utica Youth Common Council announce their sponsorship of the 2014 Utica Spring Fair organized each year by The Midway Rides of Utica Inc.

This fair will be held Wednesday April 30 – Sunday May 4, 2014 on the grounds of the Parkway Senior Center located Parkway Recreation Center 220 Memorial Parkway Utica, New York 13501.

In years past this event has been a highlight to all youth in the city of Utica and surrounding areas.

“It`s a good event for youth to go to because there is not much to do in Utica, and this gives them the chance to have some fun,” says Francis Cherry (Thomas R. Proctor High School senior and Star-Athlete).

Members of the youth council have put great emphasis on the fact that this year the fair will be “Good clean fun” and the youth council will not tolerate any form of violence and illegal action.

Youth Councilwoman Tyraya McKinsey (5th Ward) states, “It is important for the youth to be able to come out, have fun, and interact with each other in a safe environment.”

This year Midway Rides of Utica Inc will donate a portion of all fair profits to the Central New York Diplomatic Youth Fellowship.