A war of words has been waged between the Upstate New York cities of Utica and Watertown since the release of a YouTube video from a Watertown radio host who had disparaging remarks about Utica after visiting the city.

The host related a story about visiting Central New York to buy a boating accessory.  He visited the DMV location at Union Station and found the area to be a 'junkhole' with terrible roads and 'filled with hookers.'

What a silly rant.  Every city in Upstate New York, and the whole country, has its good and bad parts.  A commenter on Facebook put it best - he 'sounds like a guy that likes to talk about what he hears instead of what he sees.'

Of course I'm an optimist so I feel we should all be trying to prop each other up rather than try to tear another city down.

I admit that Watertown's got it over Utica in a few ways - they've got both a Buffalo Wild Wings and Papa John's Pizza.