General Nicholas Herkimer was a hero of the American Revolution and gave his life for liberty at the Battle of Orkiskany.  His also gave his name to a county, town and village in Central New York's Mohawk Valley.

But venture out of upstate New York and you might be surprised about other Herkimers you may encounter around the United States.

The Herkimer Pub and Brewery- Minneapolis, Minnesota


The Herkimer Pub and Brewery is a hip downtown hangout in Minneapolis.  From the look of the menu, it's some pretty good food including the "Herkiburger," a hamburger topped with mozzarella, tobacco onions, bacon, and bbq sauce.  Wow!

Check out the Herkimer's signature brews as well.  Perhaps we should suggest to them something like "Oriskany Ale" in honor of General Herkmier.


Herkimer Coffee- Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the coffee mecca of the Northeast.  With well names like Starbucks and Seattle's Best, would it surprise you that Herkimer Coffee is also a favorite of Seattlites?  Herkimer Coffee sells their beans wholesale to coffee shops in the northwest and has two retail locations of their one.  One in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood and another in Greenwood.

Does the Herkimer Coffee logo look familiar?  It's inspired by the Herkimer trolley bridge that you can still see off of Route 5 today.


Herkimer Street, Brooklyn

Wander around Brooklyn and Queens and you'll notice familiar street names.  There's Utica Avenue, which runs north and south through the borough in the East Flatbush neighborhood with Remsen Avenue a few blocks east.  Camden, Fonda and Ilion Avenues are residential streets in St. Albans, Queens.

Herkimer Street in Brooklyn is a one-way eastbound street running parallel to Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue.  It begins at Utica Avenue near Utica's stop on the A line in Bed-Stuy.

The NY Times calls Hekimer Street

a perfect urban jumble: old frame houses smothered in aluminum siding; apartment buildings jammed in next to tiny brownstones; an empty mansion; a Baptist church in the Islamic style.

Are there any other Herkimers you've come across in your travels?