In the past we've brought you EVPs and other evidence of ghosts caught on tape, but this one from Ocean County Paranormal is interesting.

Justin Lewis, our colleague from WOBM in New Jersey, shared this story and video

The property itself has a long history, going back hundreds of years, and there are some verified accounts of violence taking place there.

We were in an upper room, where almost every single team member was having some kind of physical response – from light headedness, to chills, to just plain feelings of “being watched”.

We set up a full spectrum camera with infrared light sources that allow us to “see” in the dark.

The scene that you see is shot towards a wall where the sheet rock has been removed, so the vertical strips that you see are the exposed studs of the wall (you’ll also notice the leg of one of the investigators in the frame).

Just for reference – with a full spectrum camera, the infrared light source illuminates objects to look “white”. So the strips of the studs look white, the investigator’s leg looks white. And then…something…looks white. If it was the shadow of one of us, it would appear dark, not white.


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