With 3 'Zombie Apocalypse' style incidents in the last week along the Eastern Seaboard in Florida, New Jersey and Maryland, the causes for the bizarre behavior are beginning to be debated.  The top two speculations are bath salts or voodoo.

The innocuous sounding 'bath salts' are a hallucinogenics that were recently banned in New York state.  Bath salts are linked to abnormal behavior and have caused death.

Another speculation is the ancient Afro-Caribbean practice of voodoo was involved in the first reported incident in Miami.

The girlfriend of the attacker in the Miami incident, identified as Rudy Eugene, speculates that he may have been under a voodoo curse.

Haitian VooDoo includes the tradition of bokor, which is a priest or priestess who practices both light and dark magic and, it's claimed, has the power to create zombies.